Corvias Military Living

Fort Polk

Access to your Home

Access to Occupied Home

On the date of your appointment, there will be a subcontractor working in your home. While most of the appointments will be completed in approximately 4 hours, we ask that you plan for the work to last approximately 8 hours. You will be provided with 14 day notice of the date the work will be completed in your home. A follow up communication will be made 7 days and again 24 hours before work begins. Once notified, you have three options for coordination of the work on your home:

1. We can use your existing Permission-to-Enter granted to us from your lease agreement to allow the work to be done in your absence. Access to your home will be conducted via an Ameresco representative who will follow Corvias procedures to gain entry to the home, complete the work, and lock up at the completion of the work.


2. Have an adult, over the age of 18, present during all work activity at the home for your designated installation day and allow access as needed to your home for the Ameresco representative.


3. Notify the contact person on the letter delivered to your home if the schedule time slot does not work for your schedule. You may have the opportunity to schedule a more convenient time within 1-2 days of your original appointment.

Regardless of the method you select, the work must be completed to your home. We ask you work with Ameresco during the maintenance upgrades to find a suitable solution with which you are comfortable.