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Fort Polk Energy Maintenance Upgrade Plan FAQ’s

[+] 1. What confidence do you have that these improvements will work?

We have partnered with Ameresco, who is a leading provider of comprehensive energy services and infrastructure, to deliver these upgrades and perform the construction-related work. Ameresco utilizes certified engineers to determine the specific system requirements for each home to ensure that it will meet resident cooling requirements. Furthermore, Ameresco completed similar A/C upgrades for us back in 2015 and we have received extremely positive feedback from residents who occupy those homes.

[+]2. Do all the workers contracted by Ameresco have background checks?

All contractors are required to pass the applicable background checks to receive a visitor’s pass to enter Fort Polk.

[+] 3. How does this effort work into the Live Army Green program?

We have made every effort to ensure that this upgrade period won’t result in increased bills for any residents. After the upgrade period is complete and normal billing resumes, while we do anticipate overall electrical savings for each home, it will have very little impact on an individual resident’s utility statement. This is because the entire billing group will see the baseline calculation shift down, and residents will still be held responsible for charges over the baseline buffer of 10%.

[+] 4. If the workers use my electricity will I have to pay my Minol bill?

Our focus is to make this implementation period as undisruptive as possible. Homes will be placed into mock billing for the period where a contractor would be using electricity from your home to avoid them incurring any additional usage from the additional work.

[+] 5. How long will it take for the Interior Installation appointment (A/C unit, hot water heater and Nest Learning Thermostat)?

This appointment will take approximately 4 hours to complete. To expedite the appointment please make sure to properly prepare your home for the technicians and ensure pets and children are kept from the working area

[+] 6. Who do I contact if I need to reschedule the appointment for the interior work in my home?

We ask that our residents make every effort to accommodate the schedule set forth by Ameresco. Due to the large scale of this project and the tight timeframe, there is little opportunity for making accommodations. After you receive an appointment notice on your door you can contact the person listed on the notice to request any deviations from your scheduled date. Keep in mind that the schedule posted on the website is tentative and you should wait until receiving a notice on your door before contacting anyone about rescheduling an interior appointment. If you cannot be present during the appointment, we can use the permission to enter set forth in the lease agreement to enter your home to make these much needed improvements. We will not be able to reschedule exterior work due to restrictions of moving the drilling equipment.

[+] 7. What do I need to do to prepare my yard for the drilling and trenching work?

The majority of this work will take place outside of the fenced back yards, however there will be times in which it is necessary to remove the fencing to complete these upgrades. Move all personal items in the backyard onto your porch/patio. Pick up any pet waste in the back yard. Ensure fence gate isn’t locked (if applicable).

[+] 8. How long will the backyard be under construction?

Should your backyard require drilling or trenching work, we will make every effort to notify the residents ahead of time. The drilling or trenching work should be completed in one day and any holes will be backfilled with dirt. After the trenching is complete the ground will be restored to its original condition.

[+] 9. If the workers tear up my yard and I move out, will I be responsible for paying damages?

Residents will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the drilling/trenching. However, residents will be held to the terms of their lease regarding any other damages in or around their home.

[+] 10. If my fence has to be removed to accommodate the drilling equipment, when will it be restored?

The drilling contractor will have personnel onsite to restore fences and every effort will be made to restore the fencing before the end of work each day. In most cases, the longest a fence should be down is during the working hours of 7:30am – 5:00pm.

[+] 11. I am not on the list to receive a new A/C system, will I receive a Nest Learning Thermostat?

Some residents who are not part of this A/C upgrade program will still receive an upgraded thermostat. These residents will be notified approximately 2 weeks before work is scheduled. The appointment should take no longer than4 hours to complete.

[+] 12. How do I work the Nest Learning Thermostat?

An informational packet will be left in each home after the interior appointment is complete. The Nest Learning Thermostat can be operated without the user needing any education. However, if a resident wishes to embrace the Nest’s feature and utilize it to its full potential, then some additional education will be needed.

[+] 13. If I don’t like the Nest thermostat can I change it?

The Nest thermostat will be a part of the provided part of the home just like any other appliance and we won’t allow residents to change them out or remove them.

[+] 14. Will I be able to regulate my own thermostat?

Each home equipped with a Nest thermostat will be available for the residents to regulate at their own desire. There will be a minimum cooling set point encoded into the thermostat to ensure that the A/C units don’t attempt to cool beyond their capacity, which can lead to increase wear and tear on the units. We encourage residents to connect their thermostat to their Wi-Fi, so they can control it from anywhere.

[+] 15. Will anyone else have ability to control my thermostat?

At this time, Nest doesn’t have an enterprise software that would allow Corvias to receive/send any input from/to a resident’s Nest thermostat.

[+] 16. Why is my home so far down on the A/C upgrade schedule?

We had to choose a start point somewhere and it will take us approximately 2 years to complete all the A/C system upgrades. This is a very aggressive schedule that will have Ameresco upgrading as many homes as possible and still maintain the highest levels of quality control.

[+] 17. Since my home isn’t getting the A/C upgrade until a later date will I get a discount in the mean time?

No. The A/C system in your home works as it was originally designed. We will allow portable A/C, or window units, in homes that do not have an A/C system that adequately cools the home to supplement the A/C system until the upgrade is complete.

[+] 18. What happens to the Corvias provided window unit after my A/C system upgrade is complete?

After the A/C upgrade is complete your home will adequately cool to a comfortable temperature. A Corvias representative will schedule a time to remove the window unit from your home. While window units are necessary to supplement some current A/C systems, they use a significant amount of electricity and will not be allowed in upgraded homes going forward.

[+] 19. Why aren’t the ducts getting upgraded as well?

Upgrading the ducts won’t be necessary after the planned scope of work is completed. A/C ducts are utilized to move the conditioned air from the interior unit throughout the house and those currently in place are appropriate sized to accommodate the other upgrades.

[+] 20. How long will the water upgrade appointment take?

The appointment to install dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads and faucet aerators will take approximately 4 hours to complete. To expedite the appointment please make sure to properly prepare your home for the technicians and ensure pets and children are kept from the working area.

[+] 21. Will the water improvements affect my water pressure?

The upgraded shower heads will provide the same coverage as less efficient fixtures while still using less water and residents shouldn’t notice any changes. The dual flush toilets will allow residents to utilize a lower volume flush for liquids and a higher volume flush for solids. Kitchen and bathroom faucets will have low-flow aerators that won’t provide a noticeable change in water pressure.

[+] 22. Will I need to be home during the appointment for the interior installations?

We ask that a person over the age of 18 be present during the interior appointments. While it is a last resort, we can use the permission to enter granted in the lease to complete these much needed improvements. For the exterior drilling and trenching work, it isn’t required to have anyone present.